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Our Warranties

Merchandise is warranted against manufacturers defects. No merchandise is warranted for suitability or merchantability for a particular place. Normal wear and tear is not warranted. Cornerstone will repair or replace, at its option, any items that are defective. This warranty is null and void if the products were used in a way that they were not intended, or if products were placed in an environment that does not provide optimal conditions such as: exposure to direct sunlight, excessive moisture or spills, or ambient humidity levels below 30-40%.  Cornerstone’s warranty is non transferable.

Softening of a cushion core or loss of cushion crown is also typical with use. These normal conditions are not manufacturers’ defects and are not covered under this warranty. Any damage upon delivery must be noted on the delivery receipt. Damage not noted on delivery receipt will be determined to be customer damage, and not warranted.

Manufacturers Warranties

Manufacturers warranties can be found via internet access.