Dimensions: 125" x 127" x 42"D x 31"H

Body Fabric: Baet Ash, Group 4 (Third Photo)

24" Accent Pillows: Spots Slate, Group 4 (Fourth Photo)

21" Accent Pillows: Dresden Charcoal, Group 6 (Fifth Photo)

*Configuration and fabric in the first photo is not accurate, it is a representation of the style. Configuration C is accurate*

Customization Warranty (Distinctions)

Limited Lifetime warranty on the frame and springs

1 year limited warranty on fabrics, back cushions, and arm pillows

5 year limited warranty on standard Distinctions down-wrapped seat cushions

12 year limited warranty on upgraded fresh cushions, when available

*Please note that the warranty applies to custom orders. Pricing will vary based on the fabric grade. Please contact a sales associate at either our Toronto or Cambridge location for more details*


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